Wakefields’ launch of Greenhaven Estate in Padfield Park, Pinetown, was a resounding success, with the response far exceeding all expectations…over 400 people and R45m transacted on the day!

This was no ordinary launch. When the Wakefields’ team was appointed as sole marketers for Greenhaven Estate, they devised a unique marketing approach for what would be a more mature market. The pre-launch marketing was multifaceted, with extensive social and digital media, backed up by a traditional print and radio campaign. In the weeks leading up to the launch, Greenhaven Estate was on everybody’s lips!

The launch event was highly interactive, the mood upbeat yet unrushed – much like the appealing lifestyle which Greenhaven promises. The Greenhaven sales team accommodated the needs of the more mature client, and prospective buyers were given ample, unpressurised time to absorb the ambiance and ask as many questions as they chose. 

Over 400 hundred clients came through the gates, and agreements to the value of R45 million were signed on site on the day. Clearly, the belief by developers, Melki PropDev (Pty) Ltd, that an Over 50s product such as that offered by Greenhaven Estate, was in massive demand in the area, was proven 100 percent correct. MD Thiru Govender explained the all-important care model adopted by Greenhaven: “We’ve followed the global trend away from traditional Frail Care toward an Ageing in Place philosophy, whereby as people get older, they stay in their own homes, supported by care services. This also overcomes separation anxiety when one half of a couple is moved into frail care.” In addition, Greenhaven will have a stand-alone Medical Centre, focussing on diseases commonly associated with ageing.  

Greenhaven Estate has paid a great deal of attention to security, from the impressive Gatehouse at the Padfield Park entrance, to stringent state of the art access control and 24/7 perimeter security.

Conveniently, the estate can be accessed from both Kloof and Padfield Park.

Units range in size from compact easy living studios, right up to three bedroomed units, with prices starting at an affordable R675,000. The two fully decorated show units on site – as well as the comprehensive model of the development – give prospective buyers a superb idea of precisely what they’re buying.

Wakefields has a full on-site sales office at Greenhaven, open seven days a week. Our specialist Greenhaven sales consultants will be there Monday to Friday from 9am to 4,30pm, on Saturdays and public holidays from 10am until 4pm, and on Sundays from 10am to 5pm. The Estate is on the corner of Padfield Road and Bierbaum Street, at 109 Padfield Road.

For the mature market, Greenhaven Estate in Padfield Park in Pinetown has a contemporary approach to the active lifestyle and care model that Over 50s are looking for.